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Statistical and Visual Representation of POC characters in New Who

I used data from the wonderful burntlikethesun.

The first set of data (colour coded in reds and pinks) is based on the number of POC with dialogue, but counting recurring POC each time they appeared in separate episodes. For example, instead of Martha just being counted once, she is was counted for each separate episode she appears in. The second set of data (colour coded in greens) is based on the number of POC with dialogue, but only counting each recurring POC once. So Martha and Mickey were each only counted once. The first set of data gives some idea of how important POC are to the plot, how developed they are etc. The second set of data is an indicator of how many individual POC with dialogue we have. 

(This data does not include minisodes, and does not including at least 4 WoC in prosthetics from RTD’s era: Jabe, Matron Casp, Sister Jatt, Chantho)

To give a fair comparison of the eras (since obviously RTD’s era has more episodes) I divided the number of POC in each set of data by the number of episodes from each era (not including the minisodes). This gave the average number of POC in each episode for each set of data. I then multiplied this value by 100 to give an accurate representation of how many POC with dialogue would be in 100 episodes from each era, for both sets of data. (Obviously in Moffat’s era, this would be if current trends continued.) 

I then represented these numbers on graphs.

The data used was raw data, and no one can deny that there is a problem here. The number has fallen by more than half since Moffat. We’ve had a serious decline in the number of POC in speaking roles. Oh, but Moffat’s show is so ~progressive~ isn’t it? 

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Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist.

Kelley Temple, National Union of Students UK Women’s Officer   (via albinwonderland)

I think about this every time I say “I want to be a moon punk, girl gangs are awesome,” etc. You don’t need me in your number, you need me fighting the bullshit with you. Done. Let’s do this.

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I had this exact same thought earlier today about one of the girl gang posts I read. It’s an awesome idea, I’m kinda envious, but it’s not my place. Form up the band of witty, nerdy, aware dudes. We’ll bake cookies and fight this shit in the ranks of our own gender, to make our culture in general a safer place for everyone.

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Don’t let that image fool you. Click on the video; you won’t regret it.

(You’ll probably also shed a few tears at the end.)


See this, THIS is how adult education and illiteracy should be in real life.
People being kind, supportive, encouraging, not mocking because you took a little longer to learn something.
I’m sorry I get really emotional about people learning and education and I’m crying really hard right now because I really wish this was a commercial for a adult education network/organization that was becoming mainstream and commonplace and celebrated and not about alcohol

This is a beautiful commercial. Even though it is a commercial for alcohol, it hands down beats the usual marketing devices for such products.

this is fucking fantastic


you know I used to be a person who did not cry at things?


jeez. watch this.

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A small reminder: I give no shits about your game affiliation or sports opinion, and I agree last night was a route, a trouncing, an ass-handing, an overwhelming victory, that the Seahawks won so hard they reached back through time and snatched the lolly from Peyton Manning’s great grandma in her crib.

You make one goddamned rape joke about it, instant and permanent unfollow.